The NZCT AIMS GAMES ( are held in Tauranga each year.  This year they will be held from Sunday, 9 September to Friday, 14 September 2018.

This event gives Intermediate aged students an opportunity to compete as an individual or in a team against the best of their age in 20 different sports.  The students have the opportunity to compete at an elite level, be active, celebrate fair play and enjoy success.

AIMS Updates


 PDF download  AIMS Fundraising (tin foil, plastic food wrap and baking paper)

PDF download  AIMS Update 2

PDF download  AIMS Games Contract

PDF download   AIMS 2018

PDF download   AIMS Cheerleading

PDF download   AIMS Aerobics

PDF download  AIMS Hip Hop

PDF download  AIMS Swimming

PDF download AIMS Cross Country

PDF download AIMS Individual Sports (badminton, BMX, tennis, yachting)

PDF download AIMS Deposit

PDF downloadAIMS Games Transport

PDF downloadAIMS Parent Help